Ceramic Pro Plastic

  • Long longevity to 6 months
  • Easy to clean
  • Super Hydrophobic effect
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • UV and corrosion resistance
  • Color Renew and Saturated
The object surface is protected through a coating which is based on ceramic molecular net. Every object surface sealed this way stays clean a much longer period of time and can be cleaned much easier and quicker.
  • Transparent and colorless liquid which doesn't impact the substrate color
  • Nano particle to fill into the capillary of surface to be the protection
  • High gloss to improve the color saturation of surface
  • No resin and scrub particle contains
  • Resistance of UV/ temperature/ corrosion
  • Over 100 degree water contact angle to offer excellent water repellence

Consumption -  50ml/bottle; 30*30cm/ml
Processing Temperature - 5-30°C -
Avoid di
rect sunlight Shelf Life  -  2 years in original closed package

1. You will achieve the best results by cleaning and drying surfaces before this application.
Thoroughly clean and dry all surfaces is a MUST!!!
2. Preload liquid on the applicator, wipe onto surface evenly. Working on a small area
at one time.
3. Remove the residue within 1 min. Don't wait for over 1 min to make the coating to be
4. Spray little water to remove the residue easier is allowable.
5. Once finished, keep away from water and dust for the next 8 hours!

1. Keep away from eye contacts.
2. Keep away from children and fires.
3. Store in a cool dry place (< 25 °C).
4. Fully sealed when you don't use up.
5. Do NOT mix with other products.

Coating thickness will be increased by applying every one hour to achieve the robust protection. The scratch resistance and high gloss will be enhanced every time when you apply a new layer on the surface.

The coating is designed to be cured at the room temperature. 2 hours to be tack free, 8 hours will achieve full function. During the curing process of the initial 8 hours, if you notice any water drops on the surface, please remove it at once.

Your car was treated with a chemical substance designed to protect it. The coating layer is a very good protection against many influences. The maintenance is the most important after the coating treatment which will impact the coating longevity. For the normal condition, clean the car by water and shampoo is only the way. To clean by using microfiber cloth and car shampoo is enough.

The cleaning process is absolutely crucial in order to achieve long lasting results. The cleaner your cars' paint is before coating is applied, the longer the protective layer will last. If your car is waxed you need to make sure that all the wax is removed before you start applying this coating. Coating will only work over a long period if it is applied to the bare paint! Only seal one part of the car at a time and only do small parts, especially if you work on your own.